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The craft and the business of acting is wonderful… and it is hard. Established director, executive producer and acting teacher Sue Hamilton encourages actors of all levels to make the conscious decision to have fun—or to quit. Whether on set or in the studio, Hamilton invites us to create joy in our work as actors —regardless of outcome—or to go do something else. Working in Hollywood and all around the world, Hamilton has guided thousands of actors toward having fun, and as a result, has watched their careers advance, both on stage and on screen. Her students range from beginners to multi-award-winning actors and celebrities, and her passion for working with actors continues to take her on incredible adventures around the world. If you love acting so much, why wouldn’t you make it enjoyable for yourself? Why suffer when you can be generating fun? If you commit to creating fun and joy in your work, you can shift your mindset in ways that are exhilarating. Then you’ll work toward showing up to auditions with a deeper plan than just booking the role. You’ll also be allowing yourself to enjoy your work, and as a result (and perhaps most importantly), you will enjoy yourself. For the first time, Sue Hamilton has put her thoughts and techniques down on paper as guidelines for all of us to HAVE FUN OR QUIT.





"HFOQ has been a fantastic read for me as a readjust and refocus after the pandemic. I am finding it a great reminder as to why I am so passionate about arts education and how to manage the many emotions that come with it. My 16 year old daughter will be auditioning for college soon and is hoping to be a theatre major. She is now reading it to find her gratitude and remember to hold on to the joy and confidence she is feeling as a beginner even before the harsh realities of the business set in. A guidebook on how to process the many emotions yet to come for her!! I recommend this book highly to anyone who needs as boost of Inspiration and tools for success!!!"


-Ann Holbrook


"Every actor should have this book on their shelf. It provides simple, useful tools for generating honest performances and it gives the frustrated actor kind reminders of how wonderful the actor’s life can be--if we can just get out of our own way and learn how to bring joy to the work. Sue practices what she “preaches” and she is one of the few teachers in the industry who has created a safe space for actors to rediscover their own uniqueness. Highly recommend!!"


-Noel D. Orput


"A book from a teacher/director who truly cares about the honesty of the craft and about the actor’s journey being a joyful process. This collection of heartfelt letters to her acting students is filled with easily doable exercises, encouraging anecdotes and solid strategies, techniques and ideas to implement into the actor’s training and process. Of course, as the title indicates, with the emphasis on committing to joy and creating fun in the pursuit of seeking success in the business of acting."

-Barb Clayton


"One of the first acting teachers and books that actually encouraged me to be more me and have fun, instead of the usual judgement and comparison. Sue’s methods have changed my perspective on creating and honestly has changed my entire life! Thank you so so much. Now what are you waiting for? Get your copy so you can start having fun- or quit!"

-William Ritz


"This was the best book and while I know it's written for actors, the message applies to everyone and everyday life. I FILLED the inside back cover with pages and quotes I will go back to again and again. Sue Hamilton, you have inspired me to think differently!!"

-Jeanette Nichols


"This book gives REAL world PRACTICAL advice that an actor (AT ANY LEVEL) can put into practice right away. It is a quick read, if you choose, or take it slowly. Personally I read it in one sitting and will probably read it again. I will order copies for friends. Actors get this book, if you are feeling like you are in a slump or not putting these tools into your tool box will definitely help. Sue is truly an Actor’s director, and Actor’s Coach, and an Actor’s teacher. I highly recommend this book."

-Lisa Costanza





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